About Us

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Our story begins in southern Georgia just past the Florida line. We are a fifth generation Florida boy and a girl raised in the south living the daily life of most people.. alarm clocks, hot coffee, daily grind, traveling to and from work, living for that next paycheck, bills, grocery shopping, and all the while dreaming of doing something different! Or maybe you like the life you have and don’t want to change a thing, but you still want to follow along as we drop everything and go west! Some people, including our family and friends, may think we are crazy.. but we say to just remember that one mans craziness is another mans sanity!

We will be sharing our tears, pains, joys and triumphs as well as giving you tips on the best products out there to help you break away from it all and start an adventure of your own.

Where we are headed to is The Breaks of Montana, a place described as being remote and untouched! We will be working on a cattle ranch while also teaching survival and prepper classes.  We hope to pick some of our regular blog readers to join us! Please keep following and hopefully we will.. see ya down the road.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. We are looking forward to following you guys on your adventure. We started ours last month with the purchase of 5 acres of untouched land near our current home to turn into an “off the grid” paradise to sustain our family of 7.

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