Evening at the Ranch


I watch the red and orange colors fade from the sky and the clouds start to turn grey. I hear a dove in the distance and the twitter of a robin as it flies by. I listen to the creek as it flows over rocks and some fallen trees. I gaze at the sheep as they slowly make their way through the field, nibbling grass as they go. Our blue Heeler, Kadie, waits patiently for me to kick her soccer ball. Gunner, our red Heeler, peers into some unused pipes looking for a “bunny rabbit”. The sound of frogs chirping brings on the night and the moon grows brighter. I wait for the first stars to come out as I listen to the chorus of sounds around me. A hound dog bays, some sheep bleat, a cow moos, and Gunner barks trying to coax the elusive rabbit out of it’s hiding place. I wonder if others would find the evening too quiet away from the traffic, sirens, people yelling, air conditioners running in the south, and even planes flying low overhead? To me the sounds I hear are soothing and a peacefulness settles over me. Good night y’all, sleep well.

How Big is Your Mailbox!?


Our mail here only comes three days a week, the mailbox itself is leaning, has a wire to close it, and is about 15 miles (one way) from the house, but it sure is nice to get mail! When we do take the drive to pick up our mail it’s almost like Christmas morning: A letter here, a card there, some packages, and things we had forgotten we ordered! Of course anything from friends, family members, and even people that are following our blog or Facebook, and our generous sponsors make the “getting of the mail” even more special! The trip to the mailbox has resulted in some humorous stories to tell, beautiful scenery to photograph, and an assortment of animals! We actually kind of wish everyone got to experience what it’s like here in the Breaks when go to pick up the mail!