Arctic Blast has Arrived

So I awoke this morning under my warm toasty blankets. I peeled back a corner and quickly buried my head back under! A winter storm had come to Montana leaving approximately 8 inches of snow in our yard. I did manage to see the sun yesterday for just a little bit, but last night the “Arctic Blast” arrived.  This gal grew up in the south, when the weather man says “Arctic Blast” you just know that can’t be good! So as I finally unwrapped and untucked from my oh so warm bed..I checked the inside thermostat first: 49.. well that’s cold, but then I pulled back the curtains on the window and placed the thermostat there for a little while: 19 degrees, that’s cold! I guess the ice covering the windows on the inside should have been my first clue! Well curiosity got the best of me, so I quickly grabbed some boots and a jacket..yep, I went outside and checked the temperature out there too: -27! Yes, that’s right a negative, meaning below zero, or let’s just say..freeezzzing cold! I captured a few of the scenes outside and then quickly ran back inside. It may be an “Arctic Blast”, but the sun is rising and the beautiful scenery all around says I am HOME! ~ Beach Kowgirl


Work Goes On..

Working on a cattle ranch it doesn’t matter if a winter storm & arctic blast is forecast the feeding must go on! With temperatures of single digits and below zero these animals in Montana adapt to the weather. As I stood outside feeding them I admired there resilience! Even with my two layers of pants, two pairs of socks, and numerous top layers..I was still a little chilly! I am happy to report I could still feel my extremities and although it felt like my eyeballs themselves were freezing,  I did survive! ~ Beach Kowgirl