Natures Sounds

I want to go where the wind can be heard rustling through the pine trees and around the rocky outcroppings. Where the silence is a thing of beauty. I want to hear the coyotes howling and the the sounds of tiny creatures scampering through the brush. I want to hear snowflakes falling in the silence of winter and the thunder rumbling an echo between the stone walls on a rainy summer day.

Right now I hear the continues noise of traffic bustling here and there, sirens from all manner of emergency vehicles, and the constant humming of air conditioning units. Honks and screeches of tires,  people yelling, and too loud music from car radios. And that’s just in the suburbs.

I want to live where natures sounds rule and I am the noise. Montana here we come!


Southern Things..

Weathered pages of a notebook, the lines tear stained, my pen glides along and the words tumble out..

I love you I say to the warm sunshine, the Spanish moss, and the sounds of the ocean carried on the breeze…

Sweet juicy peaches, fresh picked oranges, sweet tea, grits, and greens..

Corn bread, pecans, and Red Velvet cake..

Ma’am, sir, and hi ya’ll..

Gator game day in the Swamp and the SEC..

Cypress trees, plantations,mint juleps, and magnolias..

Cuban sandwiches in Ybor, bass fishing in Lake Okeechobee, the Blue Angels at Pensacola Beach and the Keys..

These are the Southern things I know and love. They have been what I call home and I will miss them.

Oh look a goodie box?!

A great big thank you to ( for their generous donation! Please check out their website, you will be amazed at the variety of items they offer! I couldn’t get over just how many different items they offer. There is something for everyone in the family including your pets! There are items for surviving, camping, being outdoors, or even just learning about those types of activities.

We are looking forward to using all the products sent to us and sharing with ya’ll in our blog, with photographs and video of just some of the many items carries. Now let me get back to reading Les Stroud’s Survive! Book ( while listening to some music on my Kaito Solar radio ( and figuring out how to put the Rotthco tent ( up in the living room!

Can’t wait to get to TheBreaks and survive!

Springtime in Two States

I sat outside today in my shorts, t shirt and bare feet watching the dogs playing.  The temperature is a high of 75 degrees here in South Georgia. The new leaves are blowing in the breeze and the grass is all green. Even the pecan tree looks revived in the warmth of spring.

Now let’s check the temperature in what will soon be our new home state of Montana. Hmmm.. looks like it will be a high of  39 degrees with a 30% chance of snow flurries! What? This is about the time where all our readers, family, and friends ask..are you sure you want to “leave it all behind” ? Our reply…yes!

EnLIGHTened Equipment has arrived!

Today we received a generous product donation from EnLIGHTened Equipment ( The box was light as a feather and I was a little worried it was empty, but then upon opening and looking inside I realized what a treasure there was! Inside were two top quilts (Revelation X).

EnLIGHTened Equipment makes ultra lightweight sleeping gear. Ultra light they are, along with ultra soft and comfortable to the touch! I wanted to run outside and camp under the stars and test it out! Unfortunately it was daytime and in Georgia with a temperature in the 80’s. Aha maybe inside with the air conditioner turned way down! Well I decided to wait til we got to Montana and could really use the quilt on one of our survival courses, hikes, or just because it’s cold out!

The sleeping gear we received form EnLIGHTened Equipment is very well made! I could find no flaws in the stitching or with any part of the quilt at all. This company makes these quilts to order, you just let them know what size and colors you want and they will make it for you. Another great thing about this company is the quilts are made right here in the USA!

I really look forward to testing this product out in the Breaks! Now that I brought up Montana and the product testing I have to mention the weather. Ok.. no going to sleep here..this is interesting! Montana has a record low temperature of – 70 degrees!  They have snow, cold, winds that can reach 60 miles an hour, hoar frost, ice, ..go the picture yet? All very beautiful, but cold. Now I am thinking I really do not want to try my new 850 down filled sleeping gear from EnLightened Equipment in that kind of temperature. No one should ever be outside in 70 below temperatures! I am sure in the spring, fall, and winter it will keep me toasty and warm! So don’t forget to check back with us and we will not only write about it , but post video! The video will be great for our friends and family from Florida and Georgia who keep shaking their heads at our ideas! I guarantee they will be sitting around the pool in the 70 degree balmy winter weather calling us crazy!

Please make sure to check out EnLIGHTened Equipment (!

4 Weeks and Counting

Well I guess this is really starting to happen. J. came to me and said ” Honey, in four weeks I want to be on the road.” What did he just say four weeks?! Oh boy! I just kind of stand there and stare, too shocked to even say anything. I start a list in my head of everything that needs to get done. Of course there is the obvious packing, cleaning, having a moving sale.. and then there is the other stuff like getting the dogs ready ( how do you even get a dog ready?) and trying to find a carrier for the cats. Let’s take a moment to pause here and realize I just said dogs and cats. that’s right we will be driving 2500 miles with 2 dogs and 3 cats! Oh this will be interesting! Please follow along for those entries in our blog!

It dawns on me that four weeks is plenty of time for those kind of things, but what will be tougher is the mental aspects. Saying goodbyes ( or as I like to call them, see ya later’s). Or how do I prepare to leave behind the comforts and conveniences that I am accustomed to. Run out of creamer for my coffee and the store is close enough to walk to, need to borrow a book from the library and it’s five minutes away, mall, post office, restaurants, movies, you name it and it’s right there. Now imagine if you will having to drive 60 plus miles, one way, on roads that are slick with mud after raining and slippery with ice in the winter. That is if the creek hasn’t washed the road out or the snow plow has made it through. These are mostly dirt roads with steep drop offs and no guardrails! If you own a small sports car.. forget it! Four wheel drive is preferred and recommended, although you won’t find that advice in the travel guide.

So wish me luck as I get to packing and try to wean myself off going to the store so much.