Part of the Family

Introducing our heelers…Kadie and Gunner. These two our more than just our pets, but part of our family.  Kadie is our blue heeler and from Georgia. She is scared of vehicles, but loves sweets, playing in the water and cuddling. Gunner is our red heeler from Florida. He loves the water also, as well as hiking, climbing, and trying to lick our faces. They love Montana where they can run in open spaces, play in the creek,  herd cows, and chase “bunny rabbits”! Soon we will have an addition to our family with Kadie’s puppies, although hopefully they will all find loving homes! ~ Beach Kowgirl


Branding Day

This past Sunday was branding day at the ranch. This article isn’t about all the technical aspects of branding, but about my experiences as I helped and took photographs. I wanted to share my experience with those of you who have never been to or participated in a branding. This was my first experience and it was incredible to be a part of.

Branding is an important element of ranch life. The calves are rounded up and put in a pen where they are none too happy to be away from their moms.   They can become what we call “boogery” and difficult. It’s a lot of hard work, but I witnessed  how everyone worked together to get the job done. Generations of family members come together to help out. From the oldest to the youngest each person comes out to the ranch and is given some sort of task to do. Grandmas may watch over the babies and little ones,  fix a hearty meal, or even do both. I watched as the older kids helped keep an eye on the younger ones. At one time when one of the calves got loose the older child shielded the younger one. Some of the children even got right in the pens and worked along side the grownups helping with whatever needed to be done. Friends and neighbors come to help out also and everyone finds something to do to accomplish the task at hand.

I loved watching how husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, fathers and daughters ( or sons), mothers and sons (or daughters), cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends all worked hard together and yet at the same time seemed to enjoy themselves! The women work just as hard as the men and there is no chore to difficult for them to manage. A camaraderie is present, as well as invaluable life lessons for the children to learn. Branding may be important for the ranch in so many more ways than just keeping track of cattle.

At the end of the day when all the calves are branded and returned to their mothers. Everyone  gets something refreshing to drink ( best thirst quencher ) and we all grab a bite to eat, there is a feeling of accomplishment and a job well done! ~Beach Kowgirl

A Montana Storm

Cool Rock & a Reminder


I admit I collect rocks, shells, sharks teeth, sea glass, and other items I find in nature. I sometimes come home with pockets my full, but my find today has to be one of the coolest! I guess it’s a reminder that sunglasses ( check out the ones at are an important item to have in a survival bag.
They not only protect your eyes from harmful rays, but they are used as a barrier from debris getting in your eyes. In an urban survival setting sunglasses can be used to hide your eyes and therefore not reveal any fear to an individual. They place you in a position of authority, but can also make you seem less human and not as trust worthy. Using them for this type of tactical advantage is something you will have to judge. Well back to my search for new items to add to my collection. See ya down the road! ~ Beach Kowgirl

Not a Rare Snake


This is not a rare snake found only in the Breaks of Montana, but my pink camo paracord belt from  We recently received two of their braided paracord belts. These belts are handwoven and custom designed with a color choice and a buckle you select. I love the flexibility and strength in them. The best advantage to these belts is you can fit the toggle into any part of the woven paracord so the fit is right where you need it to be. 100% guarantee and customer service are included, check them can’t go wrong! ~ Beach Kowgirl

Just Enjoy

Sometimes you just have to sit and enjoy nature. Here is the Birthday “boy” at our beachside campsite. Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday Sweetie!