What a day

RazorSix Tactical 7-20-13 (6) RazorSix Tactical 7-20-13 (10) Revision Military Eyewear 8-5-13 (10) 090I wrote this a few weeks ago and thought it posted but must have been saved to draft. Here it is.

We started pretty early this mornin’.  We were branding some more calves today. We had to separate the cows and calves first and then separate the calves we already branded. There was a major flood here a few months ago and there was quite a bit of fence lost so they are not quite where they should be right now, but we are workin’ on it.  Anyway, once we got them all cut out and had the slick (non branded) ones ready, we started the fun.. Some of these calves are upwards of 300-400 lbs. and can get pretty hard headed..

Most of the day I was runnin’ them thru the lane into the turn table. It is a head catch that squeezes the body and you can turn the whole thing on it’s side to work on them. If PETA was there they would have a fit, the calves hair catchin’ on fire, blood spurtin’ as you dehorn and notch their ears.. Oh well, I never liked PETA anyway. To hell with ’em if they can’t take a joke! PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) and Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

Anyway, about the 5th calf into it I was behind one in the chute holding it in place while the one in front of it was on the table being worked on. Next thing ya know, I feel something warm and wet on my hip and leg. I am thinking at first I cut myself on a nail and blood was runnin’ down my leg. NOPE, I look down and this calf decided to take a warm wet dump on my leg.. Truth be told, I would rather be covered in cow crap all day long than work a corporate job like I used to.  So we finish up in the afternoon and grab a bit to eat. We decide to take the 4 wheeler’s and dirt bikes to go grab another herd for the next branding.

We took the 12-13 mile trip one way down to where they were and started bringing them back toward the corrals. We  were where the creek twists and turns and a lot of the creek crossings were washed out from the flood and there are some crazy drop offs. So you have to look for the areas where you can get the bikes across which is a chore in itself sometime. On top of that, the flood dumped tons of sand everywhere and made some crazy holes. I happened to find one of those holes with the front end of the 4 wheeler’s I was driving. It went straight down and came to a sudden stop., I went butthole over appetite smashing my face on the front rack. I smacked my glasses and was sure they broke but there wasn’t a scratch on them. I got to give props to Revision Military Sunglasses( http://www.revisionmilitary.com/).The first thing I did was grab for my pistol that was on my side. I carry a Colt 1911 .45 about everywhere and knew is was in the creek somewhere. It was in my RazorSix Tactical holster/belt and it was right where it was supposed to be. So I need to give props to my friend Rob Hicks at  http://www.razorsixtactical.com/. All of my gear was good to go, but did end up smackin’ my chin on the rack and split it open. Blood was everywhere. I ended up getting it stopped, but couldn’t tell how bad it was until we got back home because we had to finish bringing the cows up a few more miles.

Once we got home I was able to get it cleaned up and take a look at it. It was split open pretty wide and could have used about 4-5 stitches. It was already several hours later and would have taken a few more hours just to get to town to the doc. So I just decided to butterfly it up and it should heal pretty nice.

All in all, We worked our asses off, I was covered in cow crap and covered in blood and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I used to have many employees, two air conditioned offices and made a pretty nice living. I am MUCH happier where we are now!!

I have the best office in the world!!!   Beach Kowboy

All in a Days Work

Today’s job involved riding on the back of a 4 wheeler ( if there had been an extra one I would have drove) to go to a remote area of the ranch and fix a fence tore down from the flooded creek in June of this year. We rode along the top of the mountain ridge, literally! The dirt road (or should I say path) became more narrow and had extremely steep drop offs. At times I must admit I closed my eyes and also did some serious praying ( guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving). Most of the time though I was enthralled by the beauty that surrounded me. It seemed that in every direction I looked I witnessed one beautiful scene after another! If I had not been hanging on for dear life I might have dared to take photographs with my camera. 

We worked on the fence with another couple and it felt more like hanging out for an afternoon than work! It is great to get along and enjoy each others company all the while accomplishing a task. Sure makes for a good day!

At times I feel as if I ask a lot of questions and need to ask for help in how to do a ranch job, but I realize I grew up in a different place doing another job so I am still learning. Thankfully people here are so open to helping and friendly to me as a newcomer to their land. I do feel as if I am in the right place, doing what I am supposed to, and that I am home here in God’s country! ~ Beach KowgirlImage

God’s Country


I don’t claim to be a poet, but I wanted to try and capture with words the beauty I was surrounded by yesterday at work.

Prairie grass blowing in the wind as the scent of sage brush surrounds me. Blue skies reflected in the reservoir and cows like black spots graze on green grassy knolls. Mountain peaks in shades of blue in the distance and the sun beats down upon my bare shoulders. I take off my hat and face into the breeze. Gazing upon God’s country I say a prayer of thankfulness for bringing me home to Montana. ~ Beach Kowgirl