Water, Water, Everywhere..Oops, Maybe Not!

Just spending some time this morning reflecting on water! Yes, you read that correctly..water! I currently have only one small sink with running water located in the bathroom. That’s right no washing clothes, taking a hot shower, turning on a dish washer or even filling up a sink with lots of suds and hand washing dishes. We become so comfortable in our easy life of going to a faucet, turning it, and ah ha water comes out! How many of us step into the tub soaking in a luxurious, warm, bubbly bath? Or how about that feeling at the end of the day when you hop in for a nice, hot shower cleaning off from a hard day at work, letting the water hit your back and feeling relaxed? Ahh such simple things we enjoy in life! I’m grateful for my small sink that does have hot and cold running water.. it has become the most popular gathering place in the house! Bringing pots of water from the tiny sink to the bigger one, scrub baths, face washing, teeth brushing, more dishes, filling more water for other uses.. wow, we sure use a lot of water! I am thankful that I do have this precious resource! It gives me a whole new perspective on the things I take for granted every day and makes me thankful for the things I do have! There are many countries where water is a luxury and possibly don’t even have running water. So the next time you turn on any number of faucets in your home, be thankful!