Cowgirl Style?!



Working on a ranch and trying to be a cowgirl, one of the things I learned is that contrary to popular belief I am not wearing what you see portrayed in pictures of what cowgirls look like! We have had a warming in temperatures the last few days and even hit 60 degrees on Sunday! I’m not going to get technical , but when you have had snow and it melts and gets on dry ground.. yep ,everything turns to mud! Of course for a gal raised in the south I am also still chilled even with the warmer temperatures. So today I look down at myself, as I am preparing to go feed the ranch animals and realize that I am definitely not going to be on the cover or modeling for any cowgirl magazines looking the way I was. Seriously I was wearing brown mud boots, BDU pants in digital camouflage, a blue windbreaker over a black turtleneck, a bright red down vest and a cute pink hat that says Princess on it! Yes, I really do have some fashion sense, but this outfit..what was I thinking! That’s when it dawned on me I really only cared about three things… being warm, keeping dry, and keeping as much mud off me as possible! Besides the animals really don’t care if I look good as long as they get food! I sure hope that the next time I go into town I remember some style sense and make cowgirls everywhere proud!


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