The Beginning of Fall..Or Is It Winter?!

Snowy Bear Paw Mountains in January of 2011

Winter 2011

The first winter storm warnings are in! The sun has set and the temperatures have dropped. Snow has closed some roads and yet here it is just cold and rainy. I hear the wind outside and my imagination sees it as Jack Frost pushing colder weather at us. I just got used to the idea of fall and now winter is already trying to make an appearance. Oh what has happened to my hot, sunny days!

I must say I do look forward to parts of winter. The pines draped in snow, the hush of new fallen snow, watching flakes falling from the sky to land where I can gaze at their intricate patterns. So as the rain continues outside my window instead of dreaming of warm, sunny days..I dream of winter in all it’s glorious splendor!~ Beach Kowgirl

Winter in the Breaks 2011

For the Love of Horses

Every since I was a little girl I have always loved horses. I would send off for numerous brochures, catalogs, and obtain books all about horses! I was especially fascinated by the wild horses out west. I dreamed of being among the mustangs, watching as they ran with the wind among the mountains and prairie lands of the wild west! Although their may only be a few mustangs left, I am still living my dream surrounded by beautiful scenery and horses everywhere!

Dark Holes

As I wander around this incredible place I call home, I often come across holes in the earth. Sometimes they are just caused by rain wearing down on the dirt and opening up and sometimes they are dens for an assortment of animals. These gaps in the ground are sometimes deep and appear to plummet to unknown depths.  At times I must admit it’s a scary thought to all of a sudden come across these dark holes! I begin to wonder what kind of animals home it may be. Of course it doesn’t help that Gunner ( our Red Heeler ) likes to stick his nose into the opening! I guess he wants to see if there may be an animal that wants to come out and play! I have even seen bones scattered about the ground outside of these openings. Gunner once again paying no mind because he thinks it’s time to stop and chew on a few!

Of course most of these gaps in the ground are just from naturally occurring erosion. Still admittedly scary if you see the way the dirt is cracking nearby and it gives me pause wondering if I fall in or the ground gives way how long I will be trapped before someone ever finds me! Once again Gunner shows no fear and goes right up to the edge as if to say, ” Look Mom we won’t fall in!” Occasionally I even attempt it myself in an effort to capture a few photos to share. To quote Bear Grylls: “You  get only one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.” I guess I will go and find some more dark holes to peer into!



On the Go in Montana


Those moments where you say to yourself…I am exactly where I want to be, doing what I want to do, and living life! I am like a kid in a candy store here in Montana. When I am not busy working at the “ranch life” or doing “prepping” stuff, I can usually be found climbing the multitude of mountains and hills that we have around our home. Living on 60,000 plus acres I am never bored for a new spot to go explore! Then there are the weather changes, seasons, and a variety of sunsets and sunrises to see each day. There are even moon rises, moon sets, and of course stars as numerous as you can imagine! I usually grab my backpack, Sig Sauer .45, a dog or two, and my Canon camera..let the adventures begin!

084 Fav