What’s Your Ride to Town Like?

image_4So I have to once again write about driving (or riding to town). Usually starts out getting into our faithful, but dirty blue ( yes, it really is blue!) Jeep! If you don’t have a Jeep we just think you might be missing out on a whole lot of fun and a very reliable vehicle, but we may be biased! On today’s “adventure” we came across what I refer to as the nursery. Just take a look…


This new mama cow still has the afterbirth attached and the newborn calf still hadn’t even gotten to it’s feet! Just driving a little further we seen all these calves either frolicking or taking a rest by their mamas!





We also came across deer, antelope, porcupines, and pheasants. This truly is the place where deer and antelope play! A lot of times the deer will just continue to graze and even stop and look at us with no concern.




White capped mountains. The sun setting over the prairie. The sliver of a moon and not a car in sight. The dog hangs his head out the window and I am envious! The radio plays and we sing along watching as the stars come out. It seems that sometimes the happiest moments in life are while doing the simplest of things! ~ Beach Kowgirl









2 thoughts on “What’s Your Ride to Town Like?

  1. BC, Those are some great shots. I had to do a close up of the newest baby calf to even find it. And ya’ll need to give that Jeep a bath!! Lisa

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