Happy National Agriculture Day from the Ranch




Happy National Agriculture Day! So what does this day mean to you personally? Have you ever given it any thought? For us working and living on the ranch it seems to mean more. Every day there are a myriad of tasks that need to be done to insure that we will be able to provide food not only for ourselves but for others. Their are no holidays, days off, weekends when it comes to farming and ranching. There is always something to be done, the main job being feeding. Just as we need to eat so don’t the animals! Trust me they will let you know if they are hungry too! Between the baaing of the sheep, mooing of the cows, and all the other assorted sounds of those hungry animals… we could almost start an Old MacDonald soundtrack! It can be a very thankless job and makes you wonder at times why are we doing this? As we look at the newborn calves, the lambs frolicking in the grass, the wide open spaces, breathing the fresh air… it comes to us.. we do it because it’s in us. We know that when we sit done and eat that steak, fresh salad, and a baked potato it has come from our hands and we can take pride in knowing we have done our job well! ImageImageImage


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