Spa Time at the Creek

Looks as if Gunner thinks this creek is a spa treatment for his paws!


Beachside Campfire

Beachside Campfire  054 038063

I picked out my spot on the “beach” and decided I needed a fire pit. Some people would not call this spot a beach, but I say if it has sand, shells, driftwood, and water…then it must be a beach! I began lugging rocks to the location I had chosen. This was also my workout plan for the week. Squat, lift rock over your head, trudge through any mud, march across the sand, squat, drop rock, and repeat! Working off those s’mores one rock at a time. I finally finished the pit and decided last night I needed a campfire.

I didn’t want to start the campfire using matches, but instead try my new firestarter. I gathered some small sticks I could use as kindling and I already had gathered some larger pieces of wood to the pit. That had been part two of my workout plan. I placed a piece of cotton ( instead of buying tinder make your own with cotton balls and Vaseline) and some small pieces of  bark in the circle of my rocks and after a few strikes a spark ignited. I quickly added some small twigs and branches keeping my fire from going out. As those ignited I added larger pieces and before long I had  campfire! OK, I have to say I was pretty excited and started whooping and jumping around on the beach! I have to admit that I have never made a fire  outside, alone, and with no matches! For all of you reading this who have never tried something different or learned a new skill, go do it! It is a terrific feeling! Now if only I hadn’t forgotten the marshmallows!

A few tips I wanted to add: 1. I always carry a backpack with me. I have packed it with some basic survival items. We will share another blog later with more details on what you might want to put in yours. 2. Always put the fire out when you are done. I had forgotten to bring a cup of any sort with me so I used my shirt to soak up some creek water to extinguish any remaining embers left.

Thanks for reading about our experiences and feel free to contact us with any questions, or even to comment on a post. See ya down the road ~ Beach Kowgirl

Stuck in the Mud!


Another lesson from nature and Montana…watch out for the mud! Up past my knees and I was grabbing the nearby slope and branches trying to pull free. I managed make it up the creek bank as the dogs looked on (wonder what they were thinking…probably laughing). Some tips to remember if you are uncertain of the depth of the mud use a stick to check. If you do get stuck you may have to free yourself by stepping out of your boots. Fortunately I was able to keep my boots on and have a cold creek to wash in nearby!

Check out RazorSix Tactical

Rob from sent us a care package to check out. He sent us some belts,holsters and even a few hats. Their stuff is top notch and made to last. The belts are the best made I have seen. The holster I just started using and seems like it is going to be perfect. I highly recommend you check them out. Tell em I sent ya!!


Beach Kowboy

Beach Kowboy Here

Hey all,

I just wanted to say hello. Beach Kowgirl has been doing most of the posting,and all of the pics lately. Now, we will both be posting our activities as we go.

Let me tell everyone what we are doing. We have dropped everything back in Florida and have decided to come to Montana to make it our new home! We have been here before and even spent a record breaking winter our here so we know what we are getting into. As much as you can know anything I guess. We are in the Upper Missouri Breaks Monument area and will be working on a ranch while we build our own off grid cabin. We are on about 60,000 acres and surrounded by almost a half million acres of Monument land. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of acres of other ranches that are around us. It takes upwards of an hour to get to our mailbox and it only delivers on Mon. Wed. and Friday.. And that is if the roads aren’t washed away!

We have been taking walks down by the creek lately, there is a place out back where it flooded and left a bunch of sand along the creek side so now we have a beach just 500 yds from our back door. The beach is about 100yds by 300yds and is perfect for us! We have been collecting river rocks and have made a fire pit where we can hang out and do some outdoor cooking. Lodge Cast Iron just sent us a Camp Dutch Oven and a nice big skillet to use while we are here and we will be posting some recipes and stuff too.

I will also be hosting a radio show on in the very near future also. I am just trying to get some things set here and we will be on the air. It will be on self sufficient living,hunting,shooting,prepping and whatever else might come up!

Let me tell you a little about our conditions right now. When we first got here, most of the roads were out, if it weren’t for the Jeep we are driving, we probably would have had to wait another week or 2 before we were able to get here. For the first several weeks the water was out. We have an artesian well which is under it’s own pressure so we were able to fill up several hundred gallon tanks we have and keep them on the back of the truck. We would use the tank to fill up 5 gallon buckets to wash clothes and dishes in. We have solar shower bags we would fill and put in the sun to warm up and that is how we took our showers. We were finally able to reach down to the pipe and get it fixed and now have running water.

The place we are building is several miles from the nearest power, so we will be using solar and propane as much as we can. We only want it to be 800-1000 sq ft so it will be easier to keep warm in the winter. What I am thinking about doing is building a separate shower house with a wood stove as a water heater. I have seen a few of them and think it might be a good route to go. Especially where we are!

We are also going to be offering survival classes out here. Along with “old west getaways”. We are on a working cattle ranch that has been in the same family since the mid-1800’s. There are even log camp houses that have been here since then.We will bring people out and show them how to live off grid and be self sufficient. All while enjoying the Missouri Breaks which was considered “outlaw territory”!

I am not politically correct at all and am pretty opinionated! We are pro gun and think this great country is going down the drain!

That is what we are doin in a nutshell, We will be posting a lot more pics and video and let you know how things are going just about every day.. Image