Not a Rare Snake


This is not a rare snake found only in the Breaks of Montana, but my pink camo paracord belt from  We recently received two of their braided paracord belts. These belts are handwoven and custom designed with a color choice and a buckle you select. I love the flexibility and strength in them. The best advantage to these belts is you can fit the toggle into any part of the woven paracord so the fit is right where you need it to be. 100% guarantee and customer service are included, check them can’t go wrong! ~ Beach Kowgirl


Kim Breed Custom Knives

We received a wonderful donation from Kim Breed. He custom makes knives that are awesome! The quality and craftsmanship of these custom knives can’t be beat.Once you pick up the knife it is difficult to put it down.Your palm fits onto the hilt of the knife as if Mr. Breed formed it around your actual hand. It just feels as if it belongs there, an extension you just never knew you were always missing.

The blades are made out of carbon steel and each of the knives comes with a sheath. We received a variety of knives to use in our adventure. A whacker, combat utility, and a skinning knife. We can’t wait to get to the Breaks and put this knives to good use! The only “problem” now is who gets to use the knives first! Keep checking back with us and we will keep you posted on that answer, as well as how efficient these knives work.

The WhackerImage